Entrepreneurship Day

Advanced Career Education Center at Hermitage

Entrepreneurship Day is a chance for all our programs to showcase the skills and talents of our amazing students and teachers. Each program is offering a product or service related to their field of study. This website has descriptions of the many products and services being offered by our programs so come out for our plant sale and while you are here experience all of the amazing services offered by our 27 different programs!


  • 8350 Hermitage High Blvd
    Henrico, VA 23228

Dates & Times:

  • April 30th - May 1st
  • 11am - 5pm

Check out our events below!


- Plant Sale -

Come fill your gardens with perennials, annuals, herbs, and vegetables started by our fantastic Horticulture and Landscaping program students! We have hundreds of plant varieties available including great pollinators and native Virginia species.

Blood Drive

-Blood Drive-

Our Sports Medicine Students will be hosting a blood drive with the Virginia Red Cross. This will be a great opportunity to give back to our community and potentially help to save a life. Click on the picture above to reach our signup page.

Gaming Tournament

-Gaming Tournament-

The Game Design and Web Development classes will be hosting a gaming tournament. Try your hand at several different games including Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Fortnite! Sign-up for the tournament is $10. Click on the picture above to sign up, payment will be taken at the doors. Come out and show your skills!

Hot Dogs

-Food Combos-

Stop by for lunch or an early dinner and grab a meal that is lovingly prepared by Culinary Arts students. Each Combo is only $10 and includes a hamburger, cheeseburger, or hot dog with all the fixings, french fries and a drink.

Baked Goods

-Baking and Pastry-

If you have a sweet tooth then you must check out the amazing sweets created by the Baking and Pastry program. The available items include bagels, cookies, brownies, and scones! Enjoy a tasty treat while supporting a great cause!


-Fresh Fruit Smoothies-

Enjoy a wonderful fresh fruit smoothie created by our talented Food Science and Dietetics students. Click above to learn more about the types of smoothies and prices!


-CPR/ First Aid Basics-

Are you ready to learn the basics of CPR and First Aid? Our EMT students will teach you how to administer CPR and basic First Aid in an emergency.

Blood Pressure

-Vital Sign Screenings-

While you are grabbing your plants why not get your vital signs checked by our Nurse Aide and Practical Nursing Students! The check will include temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate.


-Medicine Disposal Pouches-

Do you have old pill bottles? Our Medical Systems class will be giving out free pouches that will help you to be able to safely throw away old medications.

Scale for BMI

-BMI Calculations-

Our Sports Medicine program will be providing complimentary Body Mass Index (BMI) calculations. This is a perfect way to get started on a potential weight loss journey or to learn about how your measurements compare to people at the same age and height.



Are your fingers ready for a new style? Our Cosmetology program will be providing Manicures for $5. What a great opportunity to support our students and get a new look!


-Haircuts and Beard Trimmings-

Our Barbering program will be offering haircuts and beard trimmings. What a great opportunity to get yourself looking right for Mother’s Day!


-Teacher Appreciation Gifts-

The week of May 4th through the 8th marks Teacher Appreciation Week for Henrico County. Come by and pick up some great gifts created by our Hospitality and Event Planning Program to show your child’s teacher just how much you appreciate them! All items $10.00 and under!

Mothers Day Gift

-Mother's Day Gifts-

Our Graphics Communications students have been busy creating amazing Mother’s Day gifts including mugs that can be combined with one of the plants from our plant sale to make a unique and thoughtful present.

Horseshoe Art

-Garden and Horseshoe Art-

Make your garden the envy of every deer in the neighborhood with the stunning garden and horseshoe art decorations. These pieces are been created by our talented Precision Machining Students

Lemonade Aid

-Lemonade Stand-

If your need a brief refreshment while busily shopping for plants our Teacher Apprentice class and their amazing assistants from one of our local schools will be providing lemonade for sale for a suggested donation of $.50 per cup.

Dog Grooming

-Dog Grooming and Toys-

Come grab a handmade dog toy created by our Veterinary Science program. In addition, they will be performing live demonstrations of pet grooming and giving lots of tips and tricks for creating a happy pup!

Music Broadcasting

-Live Music-

Are you ready to dance? Our Radio Broadcasting and Communication program will be taking song requests and broadcasting live from Entrepreneurship Day. Tune into our station at Mix 91.1 to hear all about the event and some great music!

Video Camera

-Video Coverage of the event-

Our TV/Media Production student will be recording video and giving tours of our brand new production studio!

Oil Change

-Oil Changes-

The Automotive program will be offering pre-scheduled oil changes during Entrepreneurship Day. Come by to check out our talented students and learn some helpful hints on how to make your car run even longer.

Tractor Repair

-Tractor Repair-

Our Diesel program will be working on several Diesel garden tractors to get them up and running for the spring planting season. This includes changing fluids along with general maintenance.

Security directing traffic


If you need assistance while shopping our Criminal Justice students will be happy to take your plants to your car. In addition, they will be helping in the parking lot with traffic management.

Counting Pills

-Safety Tips for Prescription Drugs-

Our Pharmacy students will be providing tips and information about the safe handling and disposal of prescription drugs.
Project ASK

-Project ASK Fundraiser-

Childhood cancer can be devastating both emotionally and financially for a family. Our Legal Systems class will be partnering with Project ASK to collect snacks for families and kids with cancer. Representatives from Project ASK will be on hand during the event. Bring a few packs of snacks with you in order to help an amazing cause.



Our ACEPRENEURS are a group of students who are starting their own businesses. This will be a great opportunity for you to see the products they are offering and to meet some wonderful young entrepreneurs!